Gossip Girl: 15 Best Blair Quotes 

Six seasons of Gossip Girl brought six seasons of romance, fashion, arguing, drama, and memorable quotes. Yes, over the years, the main characters had wise, witty, and wonderful lines that helped make this TV show even greater.

Perhaps the character with the best lines would be Blair Waldorf; there was no one else like her. She was bold and brave, and she gave it her all when it came to school, being the most popular, getting the guy, dressing in the most stylish way, and delivering golden quote after golden quote. These are her best.


Updated on January 17th, 2023 by Fawzia Khan: A new era of Gossip Girl is upon audiences with the reboot, which has now reached its second season. It has engaging, new characters and campy storylines, and the influence of the original series can be felt in each episode. Blair Waldorf was perhaps the most iconic character on GG, and her quotes form the foundation of the new Gossip Girl’s tone and atmosphere.

“I’m Not A Stop Along The Way. I’m A Destination.”

Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 5

Blair waiting to get married in Gossip Girl

If there’s one thing that’s true of Blair from the start of the series, it’s that she knew her worth. She didn’t want to be someone’s second choice — or their summer fling. That might be why she and Nate never worked out, despite the two of them trying so hard to be the golden couple.

Even as a teenager, Blair was looking for something meaningful in life. She wanted to be the best, she wanted friends who were always there for her even after they betrayed one another, and she wanted a love that was forever. She knew she deserved it.

“As You Can See, I Survived Without You.”

Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 11

Blair and Chuck arguing in Gossip Girl

Despite Blair being fierce, she was not always good at being independent. Sure, she could command a room and hang onto her minions, but she was very much someone who could lose herself in a relationship or her sorrows. Blair relied on the people around her a lot.

One of those people, Chuck walked in and out of Blair’s life a lot, and there were times when it seemed like although she put on a strong front in public, she would give up. There were other people Blair could have been with, but she chose to be independent. This line, aimed at Chuck after she lost her baby in a car accident, reaffirmed that Blair could get through anything, even if she didn’t always believe it herself.

“You Need To Be Cold To Be Queen. Anne Boleyn Thought Only With Her Heart And She Got Her Head Chopped Off.”

Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 25

Blair stands on the steps of Constance with one of her iconic headbands and her school uniform on in Gossip Girl

It’s fascinating that so much of Blair’s character was built around her being openly ruthless because the truth is that she had the biggest heart of anyone on the show. This particular quote summed up her philosophy on how to keep a firm hold on her social status in high school. It helped Blair remain the true Queen B.

Blair tried to take that philosophy into the real world as well. While being competitive could work for her in a classroom or an internship, maintaining her cold exterior did not. People like Chuck, Serena, and Dan could always thaw her and get to the real Blair underneath.

“I Look Forward To Never Seeing You Again.”

Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 6

Blair Waldorf Jenny Humphrey

Blair was nothing if not upfront with those she considered her enemies. One of the characters she had the biggest problem with throughout the series was Jenny Humphrey. Jenny wanted to be part of Blair’s inner circle in school, and Blair even granted her that but ended up banishing her from the Upper East Side when Jenny slept with Chuck.

Her words were directed at Jenny when Jenny came back for a “day pass” for an interview that could get her into a prestigious fashion design school. Blair didn’t hold back with her hostilities throughout the day, and unfortunately, Jenny became a target of her wrath all over again. It’s not one of Blair’s best moments.

“…Mother Chucker.”

Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 1

Blair stands with Chuck on a New York street while they discuss their relationship in Gossip Girl

Network television can only get away with so many curse words. Writers have to take some creative steps if they really want their characters to hint at profanity in their speech. Battlestar Galactica, for example, brought the word “frak” into every genre fan’s lexicon.

Blair’s anger in the series often was related to one specific person: Chuck Bass. It didn’t matter how much she loved him; Like a typical teenager, Chuck tended to make her life complicated and bring out the worst in her. It’s fitting then that Blair managed to turn his name into an expletive when she was particularly upset with him.

“If You Really Want Something, You Don’t Stop For Anyone Or Anything Until You Get It.”

Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 13

Blair tries on a dress for a party in Gossip Girl

This quote perfectly summarized Blair’s character-defining go-getter attitude. In all areas of her life, she did not stop fashionably fighting until she had won it all and created her dream life.

While her methods were not always nice and pretty, her strength and determination were admirable. Blair wasn’t shy about going after what she wanted, whether it was the perfect dress, the perfect guy, or the perfect job.

“If You’re Going To Be Sad, You Might As Well Be Sad In Paris.”

Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 11

Blair and Serena walk through Paris eating macaroons in Gossip Girl

When things did not go her way, B knew exactly how to cheer herself up: head to Paris, of course! Paris was her favorite city in the world and the home of her favorite dessert, so it made perfect sense that someone with her level of wealth could take off to Paris at the drop of a hat.

A note-worthy time on the show was when she flew off to this magical city for the summer with Serena so that they could heal, regenerate, and drown their problems with shopping and macaroons.

“Haven’t You Heard? I’m The Crazy B**ch Around Here.”

Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 18

Blair and Jenny talk at a party in Gossip Girl

While Blair could be charming, trendy, smart, and passionate, she could also be vindictive and downright rude. The silver lining was that she at least owned it, which was proven when she said, “Haven’t you heard? I’m the crazy b*tch around here.”

Even in that area, she couldn’t let anyone outshine or beat her. That’s one of the reasons she didn’t get along well with either Jenny Humphrey or Georgina Sparks (whom the line was actually directed at).

“Destiny Is For Losers. It’s Just A Stupid Excuse To Wait For Things To Happen Instead Of Making Them Happen.”

Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 19

Blair smiles as she's ready to marry Chuck in Gossip Girl

Blair was a sucker for romantic fairytales, so it seemed she would have believed in things like fate and destiny. However, she was also a force to be reckoned with, who did whatever it took to succeed.

Therefore, she was not a fan of destiny and instead believed in going after dreams and making anything and everything happen. She took her life in her own hands, though she did believe in interpreting signs, like taking her car accident with Chuck as a signal from the universe that they needed to stay away from one another for a while.

“We Make Our Own Fairytales.”

Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 22

Blair stands on the steps with a crown in her hair when she's dating Louis in Gossip Girl

Continuing with Blair’s fairytale obsession, she delivered this empowering quote. Alone, this was an inspiring and neat line, but coming from Blair, it meant even more.

She thought of herself as the Queen B of the Upper East Side, and when she met a real-life prince, she believed she was finally getting her happily ever after. Life had something different in store for her, though, and she didn’t stop until she had her version of a real happy ending.

“You Can’t Make People Love You, But You Can Make Them Fear You.”

Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 25

gossip girl blair

This is perhaps Blair’s most iconic quote. Did everyone love this character, on or off the show? Absolutely not. But she was respected and a bit feared, as she was a truly powerful and influential person.

Blair ruled the halls of Constance with an iron fist. She understood that she didn’t need everyone there to like her. Instead, Blair wanted to maintain a semblance of control in her school life, and inspiring fear in some of her classmates allowed her to do that.

“Whoever Said Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness Didn’t Know Where To Shop.”

Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 16

gossip girl blair and eleanor

Part of what made Blair so strong and commanding would be the way she dressed. She came from an affluent family and lived in a fashion Mecca. Plus, her mother was a fashion designer, and Blair was born with an interest and skill in the area. Blair had the best outfits.

So she knew that part of being it-girl was dressing the part, which she did oh so well. The only person who might have been better dressed than Blair during the show’s run was Serena.

“Have A Little Faith, And If That Doesn’t Work, Have A Lot Of Mimosas.”

Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 12

Blair drinks a mimosa at brunch in Gossip Girl

Another life lesson from B was to turn to mimosas when things don’t work out. The lifestyles of these characters led to quite a few adult beverages over the years, and this was one of the drinks that were turned to in order to mourn, celebrate, relax, and more.

It might not be a recommended action in the real world, but it worked for Blair, and the advice certainly makes for one of the best Blair quotes from Gossip Girl.

“We’re The Non-Judging Breakfast Club!”

Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 17

gossip girl main characters

Through all the ups and downs, the main group on Gossip Girl was like family, no matter what. In one episode, Blair reminded Serena that nothing had to be hidden: they had seen her with vomit in her hair, Nate cheated on Blair with Serena, Blair hooked up with Chuck in a limo, and Chuck, well… he was Chuck Bass.

Blair continued, telling Serena that she could say anything and wouldn’t be judged: “We’re the non-judging Breakfast Club!” It’s a little ironic considering the four did constantly judge one another outside of their “Breakfast Club” meetings, but they did always return to support one another even after betraying each other countless times.

“Three Words. Eight Letters. Say It, And I’m Yours.”

Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 1

Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl

Then there were the moments shared between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass… romantic and steamy moments that followed one of the show’s great love stories. No matter how much the two got under the other’s skin or brought out the worst in one another, they also always returned to each other. They both eventually realized there was no better match for them, no one who understood them the same way.

Their journey and relationship could be summed up with this final quote: “Three words. Eight letters. Say it, and I’m yours.”

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