Evolution Season 2 Will Have More Alvez & Garcia Romance

Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer promises that season 2 will feature more of Luke ALvez and Penelope Garcia’s romance.

After a disappointing update about their first date, Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer says that season 2 will feature more Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia romance. The BAU’s return to the small screen was primarily focused on taking down Elias Voit, aka Sicarius, and his serial killer network. But aside from their case, the Paramount+ continuation of CBS’ Criminal Minds show also shone a light on how the profilers have been doing since the end of the original police procedural.


Putting more focus on the BAU members’ personal lives allowed the revival to take on new narratives, including Galvez and Garcia’s potential love connection. Sadly, their on-screen reunion didn’t yield the ideal result. But Messer tells Variety that Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 will feature more Alvez and Garcia romance. Read her full quote below:

“Yeah, I think there is. We got to see the date that was promised. And that did not go well, and they both could exhale at the end of the day, and say, “Yeah, what are we thinking?” I think what was unsaid in that is, we love each other, but we’re not going to be a couple. Then in Episode 9, when he finds out she’s been sleeping with Tyler Green… it’s not a big brother saying like, “What are you doing? You’re messing up.” It’s different. It’s like, “Why him? Why him?” And so that kind of tells you it isn’t over. Alvez having any feelings for her isn’t over, because he wouldn’t have reacted that way. So now we get to play a little bit more of the triangle because Alvez knows now. He didn’t love Tyler to begin with.”

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Can Garcia and Alvez Finally Be Together In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

The original Criminal Minds show gradually developed Alvez and Garcia’s relationship, which started a bit hostile considering the former’s belated introduction to the group. Over the years, however, they became good co-workers and even great friends, but there was always an inkling that it could be more than that. Unfortunately, when they finally tried to make a relationship work, they quickly realized how tricky it would be, forcing both of them to back off.

Garcia’s new Criminal Minds: Evolution romance with Tyler Greene was controversial, not just because he was involved in the case that she was working on, but also because there’s genuine interest in seeing her with Alvez. The fact that Messer and her writers aren’t dropping their love story yet suggests that there may actually be a way for them to be together in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. Perhaps continuously working together could help them in deciding to try again.

There’s a big possibility for Alvez and Garcia to be together, especially with Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 already in the works. The intense response to their story could also help their case. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that their romance will come quickly as Messer may decide it’s best to continue developing their dynamic for a couple of more years on Criminal Minds: Evolution before they deliver on a pay-off.

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