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WARNING! This article contains major SPOILERS for Hunters’ season 2 ending!Hunters‘ season 2 soundtrack is full of songs from the 1970s and some modern-day covers, with a surprising amount of classical and operatic pieces included as well. Hunters season 2 jumps between multiple timelines and sees the Nazi hunters travel across Europe, North America, and South America, with the music in each episode reflecting these changes. While not all songs included in the soundtrack of Hunters season 2 abide by the 1979 timeline, such as episode 1’s inclusion of a cover of a pop song from 2003, all the diegetic music in the series was released before the 1980s.

From Creedence Clearwater Revival to Vivaldi, Hunters season 2 features a wide variety of musical genres and artists as the Nazi hunters venture to Argentina. As Jonah and Hunters‘ main characters get closer to capturing real-life Nazis Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in Argentina, the music shifts to become more suspenseful, with far more classical pieces mixed in when depicting flashbacks to Meyer in the mid-1970s and Zev in the 1940s. Including English, Spanish, French, German, and Yiddish tunes, here’s a guide to every song featured in Amazon’s Hunters season 2.

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Hunters Season 1, Episode 1, “Van Glooten’s Day 1972 Butter Sculptor Of The Year”

Jennifer Jason Leigh Chava Hunters Season 2

“Green Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones: This song plays over the opening scene of Hunters season 2’s 1972 flashback as Chava walks by the butter sculptures in Austria.

“Milkshake (Yiddish Version)” by Paulina Singer: The Yiddish cover of Kelis’ hit 2003 song plays on Hunters season 2, episode 1’s soundtrack as Chava walks away from the candy shop and places two eyeballs on a butter sculpture.

“La plus belle chanson” by Jacqueline Taïeb: This French song plays over the Amazon original TV show’s transition to Paris as Jonah sits on a bed in a brothel smoking a cigarette.

“La thune” by Angèle: When Jonah comes home and gets into bed with his fiancée Clara, this French pop song is playing on Hunters season 2’s soundtrack.

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“Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses” by Frank Sinatra & Count Basie: A singer is covering this song at a restaurant where Meyer is telling his acquaintances a story about Frank Sinatra giving him a check for the Jewish Justice League.

“Le temps est bon” by Isabelle Pierre: This 1971 French song plays when Jonah wakes up in the brothel again, just before he confronts Hunters season 1’s returning character Biff in one of the rooms.

“Bubble Star, Pt. 1” by Laurent Voulzy: When Jonah and Clara arrive to meet her friends at a picnic, they’re listening to this 1978 song and singing along to it.

“Beggin’” by Måneskin: This cover of The Four Seasons’ song by an Italian rock band plays at the very end of Hunters season 2, episode 1 as Hitler, Eva, and Joe have dinner, and continues playing into the end credits.

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Hunters Season 2, Episode 2, “Buenos Aires”

Tiffany Boone Roxy Jones Hunters Season 2

“It’s Getting Better” by Cass Elliot: This song plays in Hunters season 2, episode 2 when Lonny Flash goes to the bathroom to secretly do drugs, then punches Jonah in the face. The song keeps playing as the 2023-ending TV show cuts to Roxy forging a painting, Mindy watching kids at a playground, and Sister Harriet in Vienna.

“Best Things in Life” by The Dreamliners: When Travis goes into an ice cream shop and tries a bunch of flavors, this song is playing on Hunters season 2’s soundtrack.

“Nothing From Nothing” by Billy Preston: This song is playing on the private jet when the hunters fly together to Argentina and look at the file of Klaus Rhinehart.

“I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song” by Jim Croce: Clara is listening to this song when she decides to call Jonah, then discovers he wrote down an address for Millie.

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“Gotterdammerung, Act II Scene 3: Fliegt Heim, Ihr Raben! (Brunnhilde)”: At the end of Hunters season 2, episode 2, this song is being performed at the opera when Harriet settles into her seat.

“Gotterdammerung, Act II Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (Hagen, Vassals)”: During the same opera sequence, this song is being performed when Josh Radnor’s character Lonny is mistakenly pulled onstage with the other men.

Hunters Season 2, Episode 3, “Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.”

Hunters Season 2 Lonny Flash Josh Radnor

“Geronimo” by Bobby Valentín: This song plays over the end credits of Hunters season 2, episode 3.

Hunters Season 2, Episode 4, “The Fare”

Hunters Season 2 Episode 4 Sister Harriet Meyer

“If I Were A Rich Man-3” by Studio Musicians: The instrumentals for the Fiddler in the Roof show tune plays early in Hunters season 2, episode 4 before Al Pacino’s character is awarded for his generosity onstage.

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“De Clavel en la Oreja” by Roberto Lara: When Lonnie goes into a bar to smoke a cigarette after running away from Roxy and George, this song is playing quietly on Hunters season 2’s soundtrack.

“Up Around the Bend” by Creedence Clearwater Revival: This song plays during Hunters season 2, episode 4’s flashback to when Meyer Offerman goes into Lonny Flash’s trailer and recruits him to be a hunter.

“O Come, All Ye Faithful”: During Hunters season 2’s flashback to Meyer meeting Sister Harriet, the children’s church choir is singing this Christmas carol.

Hunters Season 2, Episode 5, “Blutsbande”

Hunters Season 2 Episode 5 Millie Morris

“I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking” by The Supremes: This song plays at the very end of Hunters season 2, episode 5 after Joe tells the hunters that he knows where Hitler is. The song then plays through the episode’s end credits.

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Hunters Season 2, Episode 6, “Only The Dead”

Hunters Season 2 Episode 6 Jonah Heidelbaum Logan Lerman

“Tristan Und Isolde: Act I Scene 1: Westwarts Schweift Der Blick: A Young Sailor, Isolde, Brangane” by Richard Wagner: When the twist survivors Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun are sitting together in Hunters season 2, episode 6, they are listening to this opera song.

Hunters Season 2, Episode 7, “The Home”

Young Zev Hunters Season 2

“13 Pieces, Op. 76: No. 3 Carillon” by Håvard Gimse: This piano piece plays at the beginning of Hunters season 2, episode 7 when the Hansöms are playing a board game.

“Wenn Du Einmal Ein Ma? Del Magst” by Die Goldene Sieben: After killing the SS officer Hugo and saying “mother’s home,” Frau Hansöm turns on the radio and this song plays.

“The Four Seasons, Op. 8, No. 2, RV 315 ‘Summer’” by Vivaldi: This classical piece of music plays toward the end of Hunters season 2, episode 7 when Zev and his family are discovered by the Nazis and fight back.

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Hunters Season 2, Episode 8, “The Trial Of Adolf Hitler”

Hunters Season 2 Finale Jonah Clara Wedding

“Piano Trio in E-Flat Major, Op. 148, D. 897 ‘Notturno’” by Franz Schubert: Hunters’ season 2 soundtrack features this song during a flashback twist for Hunters season 1 when Meyer calls Heinz Richter and orders the death of Jonah’s grandmother Ruth.

“Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille: This song plays in Hunters‘ series finale when Jonah and Clara get married, and continues to play when Roxy and Lonny talk during their reception.

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