Even Iron Man Admits One Avenger Has Better Tech Than Him

There’s a lot of alien technology which Earth just isn’t ready to handle, but that won’t stop Tony Stark from trying to buy some from… Marvel Boy?

It’s taken for granted that Iron Man is one of the greatest technological geniuses in the Marvel Universe, but believe it or not, there is one Avenger that beats Tony Stark in this regard. And it is definitely not the one anyone expects.

After Norman Osborn’s time in charge of the Avengers during Dark Reign, Captain America took over leading the group. Iron Man stepped aside and let Cap be the face the Avengers and bare all the responsibility. This meant constantly being on the lookout for threats and taking criticism from the public. As the Phoenix Force made its way to Earth, it put the Avengers on an eventual collision course with the X-Men that culminated in a brawl between the two teams.


However, there were still other threats to take care of before then, as seen in Avengers #25 by Brian Michael Bendis and Walter Simonson. In this issue, the terrorist group AIM was up to their old tricks. They were doing a fantastic job hiding their activities, but Noh-Varr, also known as Protector and Marvel Boy, had alien tech that could detect AIM’s activity, which was invisible to all other Earth technology. Marvel Boy was given considerable praise for his actions, and he was even being pestered by Iron Man to come work for him or allow him to buy the technology. Marvel Boy declined, though, stating that the alien tech that he had Earth was simply not ready for.

Tony Stark Badly Wants Marvel Boy’s Tech

iron man tries to buy alien tech

There’s no denying just how much of a technological genius Tony Stark is. He has so many different variations of his armor that are equipped with crazy weapons and sensors that would baffle even the smartest people on the planet. However, he was still widely impressed with what Marvel Boy was using. This technology was so advanced that Captain America wouldn’t take Marvel Boy’s word about AIM by itself. He still needed Tony Stark to confirm AIM’s location and verify that the technology was accurate.

Earlier in the series, Marvel Boy’s Nega-Bands were able to hack Tony Stark’s empty suits as well as down Captain Marvel and Thor. He even used them to kill the Kree Supreme Intelligence. This just goes to show that Marvel Boy’s technology is on a whole other level. After he refused to either sell the tech or come and work for Tony Stark, Captain America urged Tony to lay off of him, but Tony said he wouldn’t. This just goes to show how badly Tony was craving that alien technology. He would go to almost any (legal and ethical) lengths to acquire it. So although Iron Man is considered the technological genius of the regular Avengers, they have had members that outshone him in this regard.

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