Encanto’s Madrigal Family Might Be Bigger Than Revealed So Far

Encanto’s Madrigal family might be even bigger than what’s been revealed so far, teases the film’s director Jared Bush in a Twitter Q&A.

Encanto director Jared Bush teases that the Madrigal family could be even bigger than audiences have seen so far. Encanto tells the story of the Madrigals, a Colombian family where each member has their own magical power. The lone figure without a unique ability is Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), the family’s youngest daughter and the main protagonist of the film. Mirabel’s lack of a supernatural gift leads her on a journey that sees her unveil hidden mysteries about her family’s history.


On his Twitter account, Bush took questions from fans, gave insight into some of Encanto‘s biggest moments, and fueled additional speculation about the mystery-riddled family. During the Q&A, the director was asked if there are more members of the family that fans have not yet seen on screen. Bush teased that Alma (María Cecilia Botero), the matriarch of the Madrigals and overseer of the family’s magic, might have other sisters and brothers. Check out Bush’s original response below:

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Should The Madrigal Family Grow Larger In Encanto 2?

Mirabel and Bruno in Encanto

In Encanto, the Madrigal family is shown as one full of intrigue. Despite the film’s fleshing out of many of the family’s key members, there’s more than what meets the eye. The Madrigals are a multi-generational family that lives hidden deep in the Colombian mountains. Their home is equipped with magical powers as a result of Alma’s magic candle. The house protects the family from outside dangers after they manage to escape an armed conflict. During the events of Encanto, a community has formed around the Madrigals, who in turn help the community through their powers.

Bush leaving the door open for additional family members means that there might be further mysteries that weren’t explored in Encanto that could be introduced in a sequel film. Encanto is a story about family and acceptance, so looking at an expanded family dynamic seems to be thematically perfect for a sequel. It would create more opportunities for Bush and the film’s creators to implement new powers and personas that could play a role in the overall plot of the series. That being said, the Madrigal family already has 11 members, so adding more characters into the fold could be overwhelming for audiences to keep up with. Encanto did manage the large family dynamic very well, though.

So far, Encanto 2 isn’t officially in development, though many of the film’s creatives seem optimistic that some kind of follow-up will emerge. Disney’s 2021 film was met with heaps of praise from audiences and critics, so it appears likely that Encanto could become its own franchise. Given the original’s resonance, a sequel could make the property remarkably popular over the longer term. The family’s mysterious past would give ample room to expand the storytelling, perhaps even including the introduction of new names, faces, and magic powers to the Madrigal clan.

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