Donna & Jackie’s Kids Reveal A Bizarre That ‘70s Show Ending Detail

Donna’s daughter Leia and Jackie’s son Jay in That ’90s Show subtly reveal an unexpected detail about That ’70s Show’s character endings.

Donna and Jackie both have teenage kids in That ‘90s Show, which reveals an unexpected detail about That ‘70s Show’s ending. That ‘90s Show brings Red and Kitty Forman back to Point Place as they watch over and effectively raise another generation of Point Place teens. The sequel series, which debuts on Netflix on January 19, follows Donna and Eric’s daughter Leia Forman as she stays in Point Place for the summer with her grandparents, where she becomes close with her next-door neighbors, their friends, and Jackie and Michael’s son Jay Kelso.


In addition to Red and Kitty having main roles, all but one of That ‘70s Show’s returning characters will be appearing in guest roles, including Eric Forman, Donna Pinciotti, Jackie Burkhart, Michael Kelso, Fez, Bob Pinciotti, and Leo. That ‘90s Show’s trailer divulges some surprising changes for the original characters, especially regarding their relationships and families. Donna and Eric married, had a child, and moved to Chicago after That ‘70s Show, with That ‘90s Show also confirming that Jackie left Fez and married Michael, with whom she had a son. Such fast changes also reveal another highly unexpected detail about Donna and Jackie’s endings.

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That 70s Show Jackie and Donna

Donna and Jackie both have 15-year-old children in That ‘90s Show season 1’s 1995 timeline, which means they both became pregnant almost immediately after That 70’s Show’s finale on New Year’s Eve 1979. Even more bizarre, this means that Donna and Jackie were both pregnant with their first children simultaneously, likely having them within a month of each other. Since Jackie wasn’t dating Kelso and Donna hadn’t explicitly reunited with Eric in That ‘70s Show’s ending, the fact that they both became pregnant immediately after the finale is a strange detail. Considering both became pregnant at the same time, it wouldn’t be that surprising if they also simultaneously eloped after the finale of That ‘70s Show.

The coincidence of Jackie and Donna getting pregnant so soon after That ‘70s Show’s finale is even more odd considering they were in relationships with other characters shortly before reuniting with Kelso and Eric. Donna broke up Randy only one episode before kissing Eric again, while Jackie was still dating Fez when That ‘70s Show ended. This would have made both pregnancies open to questions about the father’s identity, though it’s unclear whether Fez and Jackie actually slept together. Still, it’s bizarre that Jackie and Donna, who were very careful not to have children throughout That ‘70s Show, became pregnant immediately after getting back together with Kelso and Eric.

Why Donna & Jackie’s Kids Dating Is Perfect

That 90s Show Leia Forman Jay Kelso Car

That ‘90s Show’s trailers teased that Donna’s daughter Leia and Jackie’s son Jay will be romantic interests in the sequel show, which is a perfect continuation of the families’ close connections and shared journeys. Since Donna and Jackie were best friends in That ‘70s Show, they likely spent a lot of time together while pregnant with That ‘90s Show’s lead characters Leia and Jay. If so, Leia and Jay have been connected since before they were born, which may have established a greater familiarity between the two when the former came back to Point Place.

The irony of Donna and Eric’s daughter dating Jackie and Kelso’s son is also greater when considering how different the couples’ ideals were on dating during That ‘70s Show. Donna and Eric were always loyal to one another, took things slow, and were hardly dramatic when a couple, whereas Kelso and Jackie broke up numerous times, cheated on one another, and were a notably toxic couple as teenagers. These memories will inevitably resurface in That ’90s Show‘s cameo episodes if Donna and Jackie address Leia and Jay’s teenage romance, and could potentially be a humorous source of contention between That ‘70s Show’s returning characters.

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