Channing Tatum Received A Wild Injury From A Magic Mike 3 Dancer’s Pelvis

Channing Tatum suffered a bloody nose due to his dance partner’s thrusting pelvis while filming the rain-soaked scene in Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

Channing Tatum suffered a wild injury during the making of Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Released in theaters on February 10, Tatum is back for a third and final installment in the Magic Mike trilogy which finds the retired stripper moving from Miami to London to help a wealthy socialite Maxandra Mendoza (played by Salma Hayek) produce a stage play. As part of this stage show, Magic Mike’s Last Dance caps off the trilogy with a rain-soaked, ballet-inspired dance sequence at the end of the movie.


Magic Mike’s Last Dance choreographers Luke Broadlick and Alison Faulk recently talked to GQ and shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about the dénouement dance sequence. At one point while filming on the water-soaked stage, Tatum’s dance partner Kylie Shea accidentally hit him in the nose with her pelvis and caused the star to bleed. Nevertheless, Tatum continued on with the scene, earning Faulk’s praise who says, “He makes that shit look so easy.”

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Magic Mike 3 Delivers On The Dance Sequences

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While Magic Mike’s Last Dance has received the series-worst reviews for its muddled and aimless approach to its story, sitting at a 49 percent Rotten rating on the Tomatometer, the threequel once again delivers what audiences want to see with six major dance sequences. This is true even though Tatum may do a little less dancing himself, only taking center stage for two of the six. Still, when Tatum does step up, he fully commits by doing all the dancing himself, no matter how dangerous it may be.

The final rain dance wasn’t the only number in Magic Mike’s Last Dance that also happened to be quite dangerous. The lap dance that Mike gives Maxandra in the movie got insanely acrobatic and almost ended in disaster, so much so that certain parts didn’t make it into the movie, as Hayek previously revealed. Still, the sensual lap dance is one of the standout dance sequences in the threequel and an exemplification of what the franchise is capable of. With Magic Mike’s Last Dance now playing in theaters, audiences can go and experience all its exciting dance sequences for themselves.

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Source: GQ

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