Captain America Explains Why He’ll Never Really Trust Reed Richards

Captain America has a different stance on being a hero than Reed Richards, as he once explained why he doesn’t really trust the Fantastic Four hero.

Despite Captain America and The Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards being former key parts of Marvel’s Illuminati, Steve Rogers once revealed the reason he doesn’t fully trust his fellow hero: they have conflicting viewpoints on how to act. In Avengers (2013), Captain America stated he doesn’t act on predictions and calculations. Instead, unlike Reed, he follows his morality and acts when needed instead of deciding what is supposed to be the best outcome, even with a great cost.


Reed Richards and Captain America are very different kinds of heroes in the Marvel Universe. The Fantastic Four’s Mister Fantastic often acts based on science, predictions, and determining an outcome before it actually happens. Due to his analytical thinking, he’s caught onto some of the biggest threats in the Marvel Universe – but at the cost of making him appear cold and calculated. Meanwhile, Captain America helps whoever needs it – not picking and choosing the best result before it happens, as the short-term is more important than the long-term if it means he can save lives. The conflicting viewpoints put Captain America and Reed Richards at odds, as Steve Rogers admitted he doesn’t fully trust his former Illuminati teammate.

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In Avengers by Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, and Sunny Gho from Marvel Comics, Captain America ends up on a journey across time after challenging the Illuminati on their decision to deal with the incursions and save the Earth at the cost of others. After the Time Gem is shattered, Captain America is transported to the “end of the line,” where Iron Lad, Kang the Conqueror, and Immortus tell the hero he can’t return to his timeline, as his interference in stopping the destruction of other Earths by the Illuminati will cause the end of time. Cap tells the group of Kang’s he refuses to measure people’s lives and will help whoever needs it, not because calculations dictate who should survive – putting him in direct conflict with Reed Richards’ ideals.

Captain America and Reed Richards Are Two Different Kind Of Heroes

Captain America - Reason Why He Doesn't Trust Reed Richards

Ultimately, Captain America can never fully trust Reed Richards due to their conflicting beliefs about saving people. Captain America helps anyone who needs it, regardless of what it means in the grand scheme of things. Oppositely, Reed Richards is willing to let innocent people die if it’s in the name of the greater good – which is why the two heroes come into conflict regarding the Multiverse-shattering incursions.

Captain America and Reed Richards both want to save as many people as possible when faced with a universe-ending threat, but they have two different ways of going about it. Mister Fantastic calculates the best route of action and follows it, even at the cost of lives. On the other hand, Captain America doesn’t trust Reed’s methods, as he will fight tooth and nail to ensure everyone who can be saved is saved. Their conflicting viewpoints are ultimately what made their time with the Illuminati so contentious.

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