Black Panther Has Now Fought Both Captain Americas For No Reason

Black Panther has fought Captain Americas Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson – and the fights happened for absolutely no good reason.

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Panther #13

Marvel’s Black Panther has developed a distressing habit: fighting Captain America for quite literally no reason. T’Challa, as the leader of Wakanda, is obligated to defend his country from all threats foreign and domestic, and occasionally he must butt heads with both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. But after the events of Black Panther #13, no one can deny that these fights have no real reason to take place – and now T’Challa has fought both Captain Americas when a few minutes of talking could have solved everything.


In current comics continuity, Black Panther has hit absolute rock bottom: he’s lost his throne as the King of Wakanda, watched as the country elected a Prime Minster and thus has no use for a King, and failed to stop a Wakandan Civil War. One of T’Challa’s spy programs has blown up in his face when a former agent faked his own death and led a massive cyberattack on the United States, all in a bid for Wakandan supremacy. While not technically T’Challa’s fault, the programs implemented were of his own design, and not even the Avengers trust him now.

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In Black Panther #13, written by John Ridley with art by German Peralta, T’Challa and his few remaining allies attempt to stop his rogue agent when their ship is brought down by the Avengers. Captain America’s shield disables the craft as the two meet face-to-face once more. “I’m trying to stop Jhai and his warriors” explains T’Challa; he also asserts that his programs were created with the best of intentions, but according to Captain America “Your intentions don’t matter. You screwed up and nobody trusts you to fix things.” With that, T’Challa activates his helmet and the two exchange blows in a fight sequence that simply does not need to happen.

Black Panther Keeps Fighting Captain America For No Reason

Black Panther fights Captain America

A short conversation between the two superheroes could easily solve this conflict – and it could have solved the last conflict between Black Panther and the other Captain America as well. In Sam Wilson’s series Captain America: Symbol of Truth, Black Panther intercepts Wilson on a clandestine mission into Wakandan space – and rather than talk to him, he attacks with incredibly swiftness and ferocity. T’Challa has always been one of the more levelheaded members of the Avengers, so it’s quite shocking to see him resort to punches first and negotiating later.

The end of the comic depicts none other than Namor lending a hand to Black Panther. Captain America and Namor have fought plenty of times, meaning yet another opportunity for T’Challa to exchange blows with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. However, Black Panther must remember that a leader’s best quality ought to be their negotiation skills and not their ability to fight Captain America.

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