Amanda Waller’s Spinoff Has The Perfect Way To Bring King Shark Back

A DC Comics storyline has provided an opportunity to bring back King Shark in DC’s live-action franchise through Amanda Waller’s spinoff series.

Amanda Waller is appearing in no less than two HBO Max shows from James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DCU relaunch. The first is an animated series based on a team of monsters called Creature Commandos and the second is a spinoff from the Peacemaker TV show and The Suicide Squad film sequel called Waller. Both of these shows have the potential to bring back the fan-favorite King Shark (Nanaue) after the Sylvester Stallone-voiced character debuted to much fanfare in The Suicide Squad.

It helps that a DC comic has provided the shows with a potential way to bring back the fan-favorite character. Peacemaker ended with Waller’s daughter, Leota Adebayo, exposing her mother’s involvement with the Suicide Squad and Project Butterfly. It appears that at least part of the spinoff series will focus on the consequences of her secrets being exposed. However, the comic book series Suicide Squad: King Shark introduced an intriguing plot point that could allow for his DCU reintroduction and a look at a different side of Amanda Waller.

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How Amanda Waller’s Spinoff Can Include King Shark

King Shark in The Suicide Squad.

In issue #12 of the series, Waller threatened to kill a friend of Nanaue to keep him compliant. The baddie called her bluff, though, revealing that she took him in when he was an infant after his father left King Shark in her care. She raised the boy, effectively making Nanaue her adopted son. Amanda Waller’s spinoff series could theoretically use that reveal to feature King Shark as a prominent supporting character, specifically as a son of sorts, which would be fitting now that her relationship with her daughter is seemingly destroyed. Peacemaker showed glimpses of Waller’s maternal side, and that could further develop with Nanaue.

While The Suicide Squad didn’t establish an emotional connection between her and King Shark, she did show more compassion toward him than toward other Task Force X members (such as when she congratulated him on knowing what “hand” meant). If Waller’s series took a path similar to the comics, her implied affection for Nanaue could be used as the basis for a mother-son dynamic. The Suicide Squad movie version of King Shark is very innocent and childlike, which could also serve to develop such a relationship. The movie established King Shark was not a joke character; he was someone with desires and longings. Shining the spotlight on him in a son-like role would be an interesting way to dive deeper into his psyche.

Amanda Wallers’ Role In The DCU

Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad.

King Shark’s inclusion also has the potential to add to Amanda Waller’s arc. As has been shown throughout her past live-action appearances, the character has few moral boundaries, willing to commit horrific acts for the “greater good.” Having her forge a familial relationship with someone as emotionally conflicted as Nanaue, who also happens to be one of her underlings, could allow for informative and emotional character interactions, which would play into James Gunn’s penchant for highlighting often complicated family relationships, as seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Peacemaker.

Waller will be taking an interest in the more bizarre corners of the DCU to start. Tagged as Gods & Monsters, the first chapter of the DCU will focus on the DC gods (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern) and the monsters (Swamp Thing and Creature Commandos). It is Waller who will form the Creature Commandos and while King Shark is not in that lineup, he fits well in that dynamic. Taking inspiration from the comics, even if only partially, could show why Waller is so interested in these bizarre monstrous characters. It could also reintroduce a beloved character in an exciting way and explore a side of King Shark and Amanda Waller that fits in with the family themes explored in The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker.

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