All Gang Hideout Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

The Van Der Linde gang aren’t the only dangerous criminals in the Wild West, and there are at least six different gang hideouts Red Dead Redemption 2 players will have to clear out if they want to reach 100% completion. Arthur will come across many of these outlaws and get a chance to wipe out plenty of rival gang camps in RDR2’s main story, but there are a few that are less easy to find.

By and large, Arthur Morgan can make it through most gunfights so long as he has enough ammo, a few healing items, and remembers to duck for cover. These basic tactics will get the player through the majority of RDR2’s gang hideouts with ease, although some have a few tricks up their sleeves. Each outpost is completed simply by exterminating all the gang members there.

Looking for a quick video walkthrough on all the gang hideouts in Red Dead Redemption 2? Check out the breakdown from xSmartx on YouTube below!

While enemies will sometimes re-spawn in the outpost, each gang hideout in RDR2 only needs to be completed once for it to count towards 100% completion. Progress towards 100% completion in RDR2 can be tracked in the game’s menu under Missions And Events.

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O’Driscoll Gang Hideout: Six Point Cabin

The location of the O'Driscoll Gang on RDR2's Cumberland Forest Map

Players will come across this gang hideout in RDR2’s Chapter 2. Mopping up the O’Driscolls here is pretty simple fare, with the only real surprises being the few gang members hiding out in the cabin. Taking out a few enemies stealthily before the real shooting starts will make the encounter easier, but once a gunfight inevitably ensues, just take cover and keep shooting.

Lemoyne Raiders Gang Hideout: Shady Belle

The location of Shady Belle on Red Dead Redemption 2's map

Players will be pitted against the Lemoyne Raiders in Chapter 3 of Red Dead Redemption 2, and taking out their gang hideout is a large, bombastic affair. However, the method of clearing the Raiders out is still fairly simple, and players who are having trouble should just take their time, remember to make good use of cover, and loop around the plantation house to break the enemy’s eyesight if necessary.

Murfree Brood Gang Hideout: Beaver Hollow

The location of Beaver Hollow on RDR2's map

This gang camp in RDR2 is completed over the course of Chapter 5, but if the player wants to take it on earlier, they just need to head on over to Annesburg and find the Murfree Brood holed up in their cavern. Getting into a good position at the cave mouth is key here, as it makes picking off enemies easy as they come running up.

Clearing out the Murfree Brood gang hideout in RDR2 is made much, much easier if players keep their distance. The Brood likes to attack with machetes which can deal massive amounts of damage to Arthur, so it’s better to pick them off from afar as much as possible!

Eventually the player will have to trek into the cave to finish clearing out the Murfree Brood camp. These close quarters make the above melee encounters even more dangerous, so players should take a shotgun off their horse in RDR2 before entering.

O’Driscoll Gang Hideout: Hanging Dog Ranch

RDR2 Hanging Dog Ranch Map

Players will run into the O’Driscolls multiple times over the course of the game, and will need to eradicate this particular gang hideout over the course of Chapter 6. The only thing to keep in mind for this outpost is that there is a pretty hefty Maxim Gun in the barn’s loft with a good view of the rest of the ranch. If the player can get to the barn quick and take control of the Maxim Gun, the O’Driscoll gang camp in RDR2 can be cleared out with ease.

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Del Lobos Gang Hideout: Thieves Landing

The location of Thieve's Landing on RDR2's map

The Del Lobos gang hideout in Red Dead Redemption 2 can only be accessed in the epilogue of the main story, and can get dicey if the player walks in unprepared. It’s not a small area, and the Del Lobos can quickly overwhelm the player. The best strategy for tackling this RDR2 postgame content is to take it slow and get to the docks, if possible, so players don’t have to worry about any Del Lobos gang memebers circling around them.

Del Lobos Gang Hideout: Fort Mercer

RDR 2 Fort Mercer Map

Like Thieves Landing, the furthest gang hideout Red Dead Redemption 2 players can clear is only available in the epilogue, and is also a great throwback to the original Red Dead Redemption. As one might expect from a fort, the place is rather well fortified, and players should begin clearing this gang camp out by taking cover outside the main gate. After eliminating all the Del Lobos possible from outside the fort, carefully head inside.

In the center or Fort Mercer is a Gattling Gun that will make quick work of players who let it, so make sure not to get caught out of cover. When possible, head up to the fort walls and pick off any Del Lobos gang members remaining.

Bonus Gang Hideout at Twin Rocks

John Marston standing in the center of the road in Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption 2

If the player has the Special or Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, they will be able to find one other outpost. While this isn’t necessary in order to 100% the game, Special and Ultimate Edition owners can find this bonus gang hideout in RDR2 just a bit west of Twin Rocks, which is, in turn, north of Armadillo. The only real prizes are the loot from the bodies and surrounding area, but it’s worth it just to know there’s one less gang roaming the overworld.

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