25 Motivational Quotes of Adedeji Adeleke

Adedeji Adeleke wasn’t a name that rings bell prior to the rise to stardom of his son, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido in 2009. Unlike popular billionaires like Aliko Dangote, Adedeji Adeleke remained a mysterious billionaire who much people knew little or nothing about. It is safe to say that his son’s emergence into the Nigerian music industry was instrumental to the recognition he has gotten today.

Adedeji Adeleke was born on the 6th of March, 1957 in Enugu state, Nigeria. Adeleke has an impressive educational background. He attended Columbia Pacific University from 1981-1983, Western Kentucky University from 1979-1981 and same Western Kentucky from 1976-1979. He is the Pro Chancellor of Adeleke University in Osun State, Nigeria and the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited. Like most great and prominent men have quotes, in this piece, we share Top 25 Quotes of Adedeji Adeleke.

25 Motivational Quotes of Adedeji Adeleke

1. I never believe I can make it until making it makes me believe.
2. Failure is the only course in life that teaches how to be successful.
3. Make enough mistakes and you can only get better through them.
4. Ladies tend to criticize you based on what they love most about you.
5. If you think nobody cares, think deeply and you will find that some people really care.
6. Intellectuals don’t diss UITES.
7. If you are living for the moment, it shows you have no plan for the future.
8. The fear of competition is the beginning of I can’t make it.
9. Would rather die as a student searching for knowledge than a lecturer of ignorance.
10. My dream for you is to help me make it a reality.
11. You won’t be praised or applauded for your efforts, but your excellence. So work hard.
12. Make peace not war.
13. Make love not hate.
14. Make right not wrong.
15. Through the hate, the world will be devoid of the Love.
16. Through the combination of your orator and good communication skills, you can influence the whole world.
17. Tertiary education is not a guarantee for success and its lack is not a warranty for failure.
18. Do not allow erection to show your direction. Choose wisely.
19. Sarcasm is okay by me, as long as ignoring you will suffice you.
20. We rise by lifting others
21. Make friends, not foes.
22. If you think your mother is not worthy of being celebrated, think of murderers.
23. If you want love, spread love.
24. I told the governor elect (my brother) and his colleagues that they are lucky because they do not have any godfather to refund any money to, so whatever people contributed for the election is contribution and it’s a sacrifice for a better Nigeria, for a better State, so the governor-elect and his colleagues are not under any pressure, the only thing they need to do out there is to go and serve the people.
25. Live an accountable life in order to hold leaders accountable for their acts in public offices.

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