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Whether you plan a party or a weekend date, getting high-grade shoes or sandals is necessary to amp up the outfit. But what if the boots excruciate foot pain by worsening the plantar fasciitis?

Have you heard about plantar fasciitis before? It occurs when the tissue lining the heel and toes become highly inflamed. It may be due to obesity, exercise, and even age.

Nowadays, these orthotic sandals have become highly innovative and stylish with cute looks like everyday sandals that are comfier more than you ever imagine.

With many models available, it’s not easy to choose the best one. Therefore we have concluded some top-notch shoes to narrow down your choices. Let’s get down to business!

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Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Pain in 2023

13 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis:

#1. Top Consumer’s Choice: New Balance 1540 V3

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the best walking shoes for plantar fascia is the New Balance 1540 V3 that delivers mile-after-mile comfort and stability to prevent overpronation. These latest plantar fasciitis running shoes are second to none with a classic look from the 90s. Let’s take a closer look!

What do these running shoes feature? It combined two-layer of performance with a soft rebound or superior pain-free options. Moreover, the Rollbar midsole technology also involves ENCAP to offer increased rear food movement and foot health.

How does it work?

This newly designed shoe features a full-length layer to protect the midsole unit from harsh conditions. The maximum traction capacity allows the shoe to adhere to the surface while eliminating slipping on uneven terrains.

The flex grooves offer additional flexibility as the foot goes through the gait cycle. It will help you bend the foot effortlessly. Without a doubt, the inner sleeve feature comes with irritant-free coverage and comfortable lining. The micropores ensure breathability.

The ACTEVA™ LITE is a full-length piece featuring 24% lighter cushioning than other models. It further ensures a reactive and durable underfoot experience with a uniform compression to allow efficient use for hours.

TPU technology makes the option more supportive and reliable as it maintains the form while preventing breakdown. The mesh comes with an external portion with a complete wrap design to secure it in place.


  • People can handle multiple activities with heel support
  • Underfoot running shoes offer excellent heel stability
  • Supports heavyset runners
  • Excellent foot support and pain relief


  • Shoelaces are a bit small
  • Results vary among individuals

Price Ranges: 

It will cost a total of $169.99.

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#2. Best built0in arch support: Brooks Levitate 4

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here is the Brooks Levitate great shoe with excellent energy return. With a sleek fit, it provides a springy feel by delivering quick transitions. These athletic shoes are ideal for all-around training and perfect for ultra-marathon races. Sounds great, right?

These running shoes partner with a company to develop this AMP midsole, thus providing ample energy return ideal in preventing heel pain. These supportive shoes feature a sleeker design and offer high-end energy returns for increased support.

How does it work?

Here we consider the AMP midsole technology that’s even lighter than the previous model and ensures high energy return to help the foot spring over the ground. It sends it back, providing increased support and performance.

The DNA and cushion technology reacts to the unique stride. Moreover, the arrow-point pattern will aid the foot in moving quickly from your heel to the toe, enhancing the spring feel. The circular-knit material delivers excellent breathability and flexibility with a sock-like fit.

This latest iteration will make each mile easier for people having plantar fasciitis. Therefore, you have to wear it for prolonged periods. The single-piece durable outsole is thinner at some points while ensuring flexibility and a great ride than other previous ones.


  • Looks great even on sensitive feet
  • Fast hell to toe transition
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A good pair with an effective fit


  • It lacks maximum breathability
  • Some people find it difficult to wear for prolonged times

Price Ranges: 

It offers a discounted price of $109.95.

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#3. Best Flip flops for plantar fasciitis: Fit Flop Iqushion

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The Flip Flops Iquishion is ideal for promoting increased foot support to make your life effortless. Just slip them on, and BOOM! What ergonomic plantar fasciitis sandals, right? You can now get your orthotics to alleviate foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

These shoes are flexible and soft with a durable rubber outsole with excellent jelly in a thong sandal silhouette. The flexible midsole and rubber sole are highly evident in providing maximum comfort and delivering a great fit. Let us show you something interesting!

How does it work?

It is a practically and bio-mechanically engineered shoe with a compact and lightweight construction to provide all-day comfort. The ergonomic midsole ensures increased support and functionality. Are you getting it?

It also includes a micro-bubble foam with a premium cushioning footbed and shock-absorbing feature for listing support. The anti-slip feature adds more to the versatility, seriously. Plenty of sizes are available to help people choose the right one.

It’s lightweight with an upper micro-bubble foam and soft jelly to ensure increased comfort. The APMA seal acceptance promotes excellent foot health for hours. You can enjoy wearing these cushioned footbed shoes for all-day.


  • Incredibly stylish and appealing
  • It relieves foot pain
  • The shoes ensure increased heel bone support
  • Better arch support and maintenance


  • Some people find issues with the texture
  • Wear it consistently for better results

Price Ranges: 

It only costs $32.

Shop at Amazon Official Store

#4. Best shoes for plantar fasciitis pain: Naturalizer Marianne

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Suppose you are looking for impressive arch support. In that case, nothing is better than the Naturalizer Marianne that helps improve the stretching on the Achilles tendon with its wide toe box to reduce heel pain to a greater extent. Wear what help you move over a year.

These casual sport-style sneakers craft corduroy, leather, velvet, and suede fabric with a rounded toe to provide 24/7 comfort. It’s one of the highly versatile plantar fasciitis shoes designed to provide improved heel spurs. Let’s dig a little deeper!

How does it work?

What a traditional anti-slip design, isn’t it? It offers a suitable lift with a subtle platform for perforated details and reliability. The 1″ platform heel will increase your overall experience, no doubt. Sustainable materials with practical construction are second to none, seriously.

With an easy slip-on and off feature decent platform, these sneakers are designed with elastic goring panels to ensure increased walking performance. You can now run for hours pain-free.

The contour technology ensures a premium fit with all-day ultra-durable comfort featuring a non-slip outsole that promotes a lasting experience. It’s available in multiple sizes to provide users with all-day comfort.


  • 100% premium quality durable shoes
  • Deals with all foot problems
  • The ideal shoe to support the plantar fascia
  • Adequate arch support


  • Sizes vary significantly
  • Not for strenuous activities

Price Ranges: 

It costs a discounted price of $59.90.

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 #5. Best running shoes: Hoka One One Bondi 7

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here comes the latest iteration of Hoka One One Bondi 7 with innovative design and breathtaking construction. These game-changing heel spurs are no more an exception by delivering a balanced ride over multiple distances.

What’s more? The flexible EVA midsole with a breathable upper mesh offers increased comfort and a supremely plush collar. It features an ultra-soft memory foam design and ensures strong arch support with a lightweight sole to cope with plantar fasciitis. Here we go with the details!

How does it work?

With an open-engineered and mesh constructed design, the shoes deliver breathable comfort and support all day. It’s second to none in providing a memory foam that cradles the ankle by ensuring a plus comfort. Sounds great, right?

Moreover, the TPU overlays include additional midfoot support and structure ideal for getting the best running experience. The internal heel counter offers a locked-in midsole feature with a supportive design for increased functioning.

Consider the full-length compression features! The molded EVA midsole includes specifically designed features for long runs. The plus point is that the heel strikes get the most benefit. It’s mainly made for roads.

For instance, there is a meta-rocker for a comfortable and smooth ride. The beveled heel design ensures increased durability and transition. You will find the rubber outsole that’s ideal for minimizing weight and durability.


  • Incredibly breathable and comfortable
  • Excellent heel lock for arch support
  • Stable with a deep heel cup
  • Even cushioning throughout the entire day


  • Midsole depends on the weather
  • A bit bulky

Price Ranges: 

It costs $150.

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#6. Best boots for plantar fasciitis: Born Cove

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the ideal winter boots, the Born Cove is perfect for a weather-ready style that can be your best partner in every adventure. What makes it different? These balance shoes promote winter-casual looks and help you run for longer times with a rounded toe box.

These walking shoes are perfect with almost anything with the hard-finished leather and soft suede upper, waterproof feature. It’s time to enjoy effortless dressing with these orthopedic shoes. The leather combination lining is highly breathable and performing.

How does it work?

Let’s consider it in detail! The footbed comes with a removable soft fabric that promotes additional support and extra cushioning. The hand-crafted premium waterproof construction makes it much more suitable to promote foot conditioning.

The compact and lightweight rubber outsole offers increased traction and flexibility, that’s a great deal for users. The removable insole adds more to the versatility, no doubt. You will also get the steel shank for increased support.

With additional arch support and pull-on support, the shoes come with elastic-gore insets for increased efficiency. The weather-ready style is ideal for adventures, and the waterproof lining will deliver the high-grade winter looks.

You can wear these casual shoes with anything as they are comfy and offer superior support by improving the condition of plantar fasciitis.


  • It offers anatomical arch support
  • Flexible midsole to absorb shock
  • Enhances the fascia tissue
  • Stretches the Achilles tendon


  • Everyone comes across different experience
  • No discounts available

Price Ranges: 

It costs a total of $155.

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#7. Best for flat feet: Vionic Gemma

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

It’s time to slip the feet into these comfy slippers that are incredibly soft and features durability and performance combined. The adjustable loop-and-hook closure ensures a comfortable fit for prolonged wearing. Isn’t that a fantastic way to get rid of plantar fasciitis?

Do you know the footbed features 100% polyester terrycloth and lining feature with completely adjustable straps? The terry/lining features cushioned insole with a thick band for increased versatility and support. Let’s consider it in detail!

How does it work?

Let’s just pamper the feet with these comfy yet spa-styled slippers that feature adjustable closure and hook-loop design. Vionic technology provides people who have plantar fasciitis with everyday support at home or outdoors.

The Podiatrist-designed and high-end deep heel cup and arch support will help realign the stride and prevent excessive pronation. That’s a significantly valuable advantage, no doubt. The plus point is the footbed that’s treated with odor-resistant Ecofresh.

Remarkably, the flexible EVA midsole is shock-absorbing and reduces excessive stress on the knees and feet. It’s essential to wear these orthotics for a few hours to adjust entirely to the new comfort level and support.

The shoe is entirely comfortable and reliable within one to two weeks, and wipe away the dirt using a cotton cloth. Don’t use solvents or other products for cleaning, and try not to submerge in water.


  • It features deep heel cups for increased arch support
  • Lightweight shoe with a durable design
  • Orthotic inserts for maximum comfort
  • Relieves heel pain significantly


  • Some people find it hard to wear for long times
  • Sizes vary among individuals

Price Ranges: 

The shoes cost $69.95.

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#8. Best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis: Vionic Rechelle

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Rock the walls and race up with this retro-vibey, colorful, aesthetic shoe designed mainly for plantar fasciitis sufferers. Wearing shoes will help people deal with plantar fasciitis and improve the plantar fascia by relieving foot pain significantly.

This supportive and stylish shoe ensures increased comfort with a durable rubble outsole and Suede with Leather upper and removable mesh with EVA footbed for improved performance. The retro look will appeal to the generation and be comfortable with all casual outfits.

How does it work?

Lace up these heavy-duty sneakers in a retro-vibey style featuring colorful leather and combo uppers with leather options. Wear the shoes for prolonged periods and get the maximum advantages to improve the condition of plantar fasciitis.

With this shoe, you can preserve your appearance, seriously. You should wear the footwear for a few days to allow the feet to get used to the level of comfort and stability. It takes one to two weeks to get comfortable.

Have you seen the THREE-ZONE COMFORT? The innovative design delivers increased arch support and stability with a deep heel cup to ensure superior foot cushioning. These highly effective contact points can hug the foot’s curves to meet the styles.

What’s more? Meet the comfort you crave. The on-trend fashion will and effortless cleaning make it more user-friendly. Use a dry cotton cloth to clean the dust and keep the shoe away from heat, mainly to prevent damage.


  • Three-zone comfort
  • Innovative biomechanics with deep heel cups
  • Removable insoles
  • High arches and anti-slip design


  • Experience varies among individuals
  • Colors might not be the same

Price Ranges: 

It will cost you $129.95

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#9. Top specific shoe for Plantar fasciitis: Sperry Seaport

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Are you feeling like having a fancy feel while wearing shoes that can treat plantar fasciitis? With this pair of penny loafers, you can get the best overall experience, no doubt. It will keep the design modern and aesthetic while bringing extra fun to life. Sounds fantastic, right?

Consider the construction! With a 100% leather design and durable rubber outsole, the shoe is highly ergonomic and features textured leather for enhanced support. The genuine leather upper comes with increased support and performance. Let’s take a deeper look!

How does it work?

PLUSHWAVE technology that can bounce back every step will help you stay on your feet the entire day. It promotes a light fitted with a flexible grip to provide supreme and all-day comfort with a flexible rubber outsole for traction. Sounds fantastic, right?

The modern and classic silhouette will allow you effortless dressing for any causal to evening look. The ultra-light cushioning will keep you more comfortable for the entire day. With high-end support and effectiveness, it is no more an exception.

The light air comfort technology rebounds and stands up to whatever the day brings in the way. You can get the best experience when choosing these shoes to treat plantar fasciitis. The premium leather construction with metallic accents adds more to the versatility.


  • Well-constructed and innovative support
  • Decent traction and reliability
  • Improved plantar fascia
  • Strong arch support


  • Sizes are a bit different
  • Results vary among individuals

Price Ranges: 

It costs $109.95.

Shop at Amazon Official Store

#10. Top shoe for plantar fasciitis cases: Mommy Shoes Lisa

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most innovative shoes to support your plantar fascia is the Mommy shoe Lisa, ideal for mommy and me. Moreover, the patent-pending lock is sturdy enough to meet all your needs. These running shoes will enhance the heel bone for better performance.

Let’s take a closer look! The shoe is made up of bio-based material that’s flexible and soft for enhanced support. The non-toxic and skin-friendly leather is 100% recyclable and shock absorbing to provide increased support. Isn’t that amazing?

How does it work?

One of the best shoes to pair with your mini, these shoes can improve the conditions of plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, it includes a single set of heart baubles and is fully recyclable. With this one shoe, you can go out anywhere from the boardroom to dinners and much more.

The plus point is that it’s comfortable to wear and is highly flexible and water-resistant to deliver optimal performance. Want to get matchy matchy with your little one? It’s time to get this high-end shoe that’s slip-resistant.

Generally, it’s machine washable, but there are a few essential things that need consideration. You can use a warm washcloth to wipe down the baubles as it will keep them beautiful and new. These baubles are not machine washable, so use wet wipes to clean them easily.


  • Anti-slip features
  • Dress shoes with an easy wearing mechanism
  • Stretches the plantar fascia
  • Increased heel stability and foot support


  • Baubles need additional care
  • Some websites include fake products

Price Ranges: 

These shoes cost $55.

Shop at Baubleandsoles

#11. Best shoe with shock absorption capabilities: Naturalizer Warner Square Toe PumpBest Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

It’s time to visit the shoe store and get this high-grade Naturalizer Toe pump that’s a blend of sophisticated and high-end comfort. If you want to get a block heel pump that elevates the night and weekend look, this is a top-notch choice for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Here’s something interesting! It features a synthetic sole to ensure all-day comfort with 100% practical shoe boxes. That’s because the boxes include 80% recycled paper and soy-based ink that’s effective using sustainable materials. The beautiful heel measures 2.5 inches.

How does it work?

The shoe promotes ingenious elegant utility with endless comfort and versatility that’s no more an exception. The plus point is that it is available in all size ranges from challenging measures to widths designed to offer customized fit for all-day wearing.

Let us show you something interesting! It has a manmade upper featuring a square toe and non-slip outsole for increased grip. The block heel adds more to the comfort as it can elevate the casual and dressy looks significantly.

What’s more? The contour technology comes with an innovative cushioning mechanism that can anatomically sculpture to contour the foot for a premium fit and high-end experience. It includes sustainable features for increased performance.


  • Runs for prolonged periods
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Enhanced performance and reliability
  • All-day comfort and stability


  • Some people find narrow width
  • Experience varies among individuals

Price Ranges: 

The price varies from $80.99

Shop at Amazon Official Store

#12. Best sandals for plantar fasciitis: OluKai UpenaBest Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here are other traditional and sophisticated strap design shoes designed mainly to deal with plantar fasciitis. The timeless spray sandal is unique to meet all your adventures, mainly for all-day wearing. Are you finding it interesting?

It’s mainly designed to meet the beach needs and will look superb, no doubt. With a premium-quality full-grain leather design, it features soft microfiber lining. The premium construction makes it our exclusive choice.

How does it work?

These shoes come with an adjustable ankle strap and antique buckle to ensure a customized fit. The toe loop also includes a bonded construction. You cannot neglect the rubber sole with high-grade traction to provide increased durability and grip.

Besides this, it also includes a series of cross straps fixed in an appropriate place with one heel strap to adjust it reliably with a metal buckle. That’s a simple and sleek design to provide increased performance and reliability.

Most importantly, this excellent shoe can handle multiple tasks as it’s supportive and grippy for a light nature walk, and the sole is flexible enough for casual bike rides. You can wear it in different outfits from jeans, workout clothes to other evening dresses.

The PU anatomical footbed comes with a micro-texture design for increased traction and helps you look clean and modern at the same time.


  • Stylish and modern looks
  • High-end comfort and effectiveness
  • Wide toe box for increased support
  • Reduces excessive stress on the plantar fascia


  • Lacks effective traction
  • Effects vary among people

Price Ranges: 

It will only charge you $90.

Shop at Amazon Official Store

#13.Best custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis: Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Take your comfort and perform to the next level with the Skechers latest high-quality shoes that alleviate heel pain resulting from plantar fasciitis. This lace-up walking shoe is a seamless design with effective cushioning that makes it user-friendly.

The shoe features superb mesh fabric with a compact design to ensure an ideal fit. With solid weave heel panels, it promotes enhanced stability and added durability. It will improve the user’s comfort zone with an additional padded heel.

How does it work?

What an aesthetic design by Skechers, right? The proprietary design offers increased memory retention and absorbs impact. The outsole and midsole provide increased cushioning and support, no doubt.

The Goga Max technology insole promotes better support and cushioning. The high-rebound cushioning cones with responsive feedback. For instance, the exclusive material combines a proprietary component to deliver high-grade performance.

Most importantly, the seamless air-mesh fabric and rubber inner outsole is flexible enough to keep you comfortable for prolonged hours. Such increased comfort will ensure stability and grip while walking or running.

The padded heel will keep users pain-free and can accommodate one 1/2-inch heel height. You can wash the shoe conveniently as it’s machine washable. The lace-up design features a padded collar with a lightweight textured logo.


  • Incredibly comfortable and reliable
  • Great value for money
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Some people complained about immediate wear out
  • Needs break-in

Price Ranges: 

It offers a cost-effective price tag of $65

Shop at Amazon Official Store

How We Rank the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Have you seen how we ranked these exclusive shoes for people having plantar fasciitis? Here are the details of our rankings!


The first thing we considered was the brand. We looked for a top-notch brand offering exclusive shoes to people who suffer plantar fasciitis. Therefore, from Asics gel Nimbus to many other models, we have mentioned many models in detail. All have a decent reputation for manufacturing quality products.


Besides this, we also looked for reviews. We acknowledged what people were saying about a specific product. We concluded the shoes in detail and found the most evident models with total customer reviews.

Shoe type

Walking and running are different as multiple options are available to choose from sandals, sneakers, athletic shoes, and many more to help you select the right one. We considered the purpose of the shoe intended to provide you with a fantastic experience.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

People who suffer from plantar fasciitis must get the right shoes that are comfortable enough to meet their everyday needs and improve the overall condition. It would help if you were careful when making a choice.


The most crucial thing to consider is cushioning. Different brands provide different shoes with cushioning levels to support feet. It’s preferable to invest in choosing the shoes with maximum comfort and support. Choose between foam cushioning or memory foam to get the best results.

Arch Support

Considering arch support is also crucial while making a purchase. People with plantar fasciitis should get the right shoes with adequate arching to prevent different foot-related injuries.


The outsole is an essential feature that needs consideration. Look for a comfortable and flexible outsole. Don’t consider shoes with a hard outsole as they are a bit uncomfortable to wear for long hours.


Lastly, consider the weight. It’s necessary to look for shoes that are highly compact and lightweight. Try them for hours and walk around to see how it feels as heavy shoes can make it worse.

Conclusion: Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Generally, many people don’t know about plantar fasciitis till they come across heel pain or get diagnosed with the condition. But it’s genuinely alarming, no doubt.

Are you the one suffering from plantar fasciitis? If yes, it’s time to look for plantar fasciitis shoes to alleviate these daily aches—these shoe aid in improving the comfort zone for such people.

Maximum shoes include flexible midsole, high-end cushioning, and high arch support to help people tackle daily activities. Here’s our recommendation for the top one!

 New Balance 1540 V3 is our top choice with extensive heel support and ergonomic features for pain relief. With premium construction, it stands on top.

Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis FAQs

How do I know if I need Arch support?

Many factors will directly indicate that you need arch support. Commonly, repeated soreness on ankles and feet, particularly excessive soreness, will indicate arch abnormalities.

Do you have uneven wear over the shoes inside or outside? If this happens, it indicates any mechanical issue because of high arches or low ones.

If you try to use insoles available at the market normally, it is a common indication. That’s because these insoles feature low-quality construction and provide useless support.

Therefore, you have to be careful when you need arch support. Having a good pair of shoes will help you deal with the situation.

Benefits of using the proper Plantar Fasciitis Shoes?

Before heading towards the benefits, let us know what’s plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is like a tie bar that causes abnormalities within the arches and holds them up.

The right shoes that help with plantar fasciitis aim to reduce stress on your plantar fascia and hold up the arch to provide additional support.

These shoes feature durable support through a flexible midsole to aid sensitive feet in getting rid of the abnormality. Sounds impressive, right?

Do you have a rigid foot with a high arch? Such people need a softer shoe to eliminate stress from the heel and forefoot and provide instant pain relief.

How do Plantar Fasciitis Shoes help heel pain?

Plantar fasciitis results in causing enhanced pain in the heel bottom. Your plantar fascia is a shock absorber that supports the foot arches and helps you walk quickly.

What happens when you develop plantar fasciitis? Generally, it happens due to obesity and other factors that might cause overpressure on the ligaments.

But wait! The right plantar fasciitis shoes will help you alleviate the heel pain by distributing the overall pressure.

Despite curing heel pain, the shoes also prevent the plantar fascia from getting damaged. It heals when you wear heavy-duty shoes consistently.

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