10 Biggest Emotional Gut-Punches In Fire Emblem Games

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Fire Emblem franchise.Fire Emblem has always managed to give some fierce emotional gut punches through its compelling narrative. Newer Fire Emblem fans finally had the opportunity to witness this for the first time in Fire Emblem: Three Houses through the tragedy of the multiple stories told in the game.

The tragedies didn’t begin there as Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is well-known for its tear-jerking story. The first half of the game is incredibly dark with jaw-dropping plot twists and shocking death scenes. This sort of storytelling is what enabled Fire Emblem to be as popular as it is today alongside its brilliant turn-based combat.

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Lyon’s Demise In Sacred Stones

Ephraim killing Fomortiis in Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.

Fire Emblem, one of the best turn-based RPG video game series, doesn’t always provide a shiny and bright happy ending. Close friends are always important, but sometimes, they’re too far gone. Lyon was a pure and innocent man possessed by the main antagonist of Sacred Stones, Fomortiis.

More than anything, Ephraim and Eirika wanted to save their childhood Lyon. However, this proved to be impossible, as Lyon became entirely consumed by Fomortiis. The two friends never got a second glimpse at the true Lyon, and they end up having to cut him down as he’s possessed by the Demon King. This leaves the conclusion of the game with a bitter-sweet ending. The heroes are able to achieve peace but at the cost of their friend’s life.

The Death Of Greil In Path Of Radiance

Ike carrying his dying father Greil in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Many fathers and mothers in Fire Emblem, a great strategy game series for beginners, have been cut down before fans’ eyes. However, Greil is one of the first ones, and it’s the first time a character was slain in a cutscene. Greil is the father of Ike and served as his sword instructor.

As he passes, Ike has to struggle to take up command as the leader of the Greil Mercenaries. This death is well executed as it doesn’t come too early in the game. Players are left genuinely attached to Greil, so his sudden death comes as a shock. The death stings even further when gamers realize that Greil wasn’t at his full strength and died a needless death against the Black Knight.

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Ryoma Committing Seppuku In Fates: Conquest

Ryoma performing seppuku in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.

There was no escape for Ryoma, a character that should become an Emblem Ring in Fire Emblem Engage, in Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. He knew there would be serious consequences for Corrin if Garon discovered Ryoma was alive.

Since Corrin couldn’t cut his brother down, Ryoma decides to take his own life in a heart-breaking cutscene. This scene is guaranteed to bring any gamer to tears, especially once they have played the Birthright route and grow to know and understand Ryoma further. While this is a difficult scene to watch, it does flow well into the culture of Hoshido, as well as the perfect conclusion for Ryoma, even if it is a harsh emotional gut punch.

The Aed Massacre Genealogy Of The Holy War

Fire Emblem Cipher art of Quan fighting Travant in Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War.

Genealogy of the Holy War is one of the best Fire Emblem games and is full of tragic deaths, with Quan and Ethlyn being some of the most difficult to watch. On their way to aid Sigurd, Quan and Ethlyn alongside their soldiers are slaughtered by Travant and his men.

This is just one part of the Game of Thrones-like plot twist chapter. Travant was formerly a subject of Quan’s, and while he was manipulated, he used the opportunity to seize the throne of Thracia for himself. Not only does he betray Quan and slay him alongside his wife, but he also takes Quan’s daughter to raise as his own to wield the legendary Gáe Bolg since only those with enough blood of Njörun may wield it.

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Xander Cutting Down Elise In Fates: Birthright

Xander accidentally cutting down Elise in Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

Xander is an epic video game character that appears as both a hero and a villain. His death in Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright is difficult to watch, but nothing was harder than Xander cutting down his own sister as she tries to put a stop to the battle between him and Corrin. This scene was utterly shocking and mind-blowing.

Despite Elise being a Nohrian Princess and an enemy of Corrin’s in Birthright she ceaselessly helped Corrin due to her love for her sibling. However, her love for her family ended up being her downfall. Xander, however, performs his duty as the Prince of Nohr and continues his battle with Corrin until he dies. Even though he admits that he didn’t use all of his strength to fight against his sibling, which simply adds to the gut-wrenching emotion of the chapter.

Alear Dying In Lumera’s Arms In Engage

Alear dying in Lumera's arms in Fire Emblem Engage.

I wanted to be a good dragon” is a poignant quote from Alear in Fire Emblem Engage, one of the best 2023 Nintendo Switch games. While Lumera was able to preserve and bring Alear back to life after 1,000 years, their initial death was hard to watch. As the story nears its end, players learn more about Alear and their past.

Alear’s past is brutal and rough, with them only wanting to please their father, Sombron. Despite the Fell Dragons being at war with the Divine Dragons, Lumera takes Alear under her wing and shows them how they can be good and that they aren’t a defect. Alear fights against what they were originally intended to be and nearly dies, believing they could never become the pure Divine Dragon hero that they always wanted to be. Thankfully, Lumera is able to transform this dream into a reality.

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Emmeryn’s Fall In Awakening

Emmeryn moments before death in Fire Emblem Awakening.

The death of Emmeryn in one of the best Nintendo 3DS RPGs came surprisingly abruptly, but it was a sacrifice that was able to save Chrom and his soldiers’ lives. It put a shocking bump in Gangrel’s plan and made the rivalry between Chrom and Gangrel far more personal, which helped Chrom’s defeat of Gangrel and Plegia far more satisfying.

Emmeryn’s sacrifice was the turning point in the game that set the tone and added tension alongside high emotion. This is exactly the kind of heart-breaking plot twist that Fire Emblem specializes in and was placed at the perfect moment in the story. The next chapter perfectly follows the tone, set with sorrowful background music and rain descending. Chrom fought as hard and as long as he could to save his sister, but in the end, it was she who saved him.

Eliwood Slaying Ninian In The Blazing Blade

Eliwood cutting down Ninian in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Durandal acted as both a curse and blessing in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade for Eliwood, one of the best protagonists in Fire Emblem. There is an apparent romantic relationship between Eliwood and Ninian as the story progresses in the game. However, one thing he doesn’t know about her is that she is actually a dragon.

As soon as Eliwood obtains Durandal, the dragon-slaying fire blade, she appears in her dragon form. This is an unexpected development, but Eliwood thinks Ninian is there to do them harm. He doesn’t spare a single thought before he cuts her down. It is only then that he realizes that it was in fact Ninian whom he had killed. This creates an interesting dynamic between Eliwood and Durandal, one of the best Fire Emblem swords. He knows he needs the weapon and yet, he hates it and refuses to wield it until later in the story. While Eliwood killing Ninian is bitterly tragic, he is fortunate enough to have her revived back to life.

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The Belhalla Massacre In Genealogy Of The Holy War

Fire Emblem Cipher art of Sigurd moments before Arvis murders him in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

After a long and arduous battle, Sigurd, alongside his troops, stands victorious over another enemy. Arvis brings them to celebrate and shows Sigurd something truly detestable. The last thing he sees is his wife, Deirdre, manipulated with wiped memories with no recognition of Sigurd.

Upon this, Arvis burns Sigurd alive. The rest of Sigurd’s troops are then immediately murdered in an event very similar to the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. It is a tragic conclusion to the first part of the Genealogy of the Holy War and a vital part of Seliph’s journey. In the end, Seliph is able to avenge his father’s death along with all the others, as he kills Arvis years after the massacre. It’s what makes Genealogy of the Holy War one of the most compelling narrative video games to this day.

Edelgard’s Death In The Verdant Wind Route Of Three Houses

Edelgard battle worn - Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the spiritual successor of the Genealogy of the Holy War in many ways. One of those is how tragic and heartbreaking the stories can be. While Edelgard’s route is one covered in blood, the darkest and biggest emotional gut punch in the game comes in the Verdant Wind route when one of Fire Emblem‘s best female protagonists is slain.

This route slowly uncovers just what kind of man Claude really is in Fire Emblem. Compared to Edelgard and Dimitri, Claude has always seemed neutral, but he’s more of a villain in waiting. In this route, Byleth is the one who cuts down Edelgard. There is no mercy offered and Claude never considers an option to spare Edelgard, unlike Dimitri who desperately tried to save her. Edelgard’s final cutscene is truly heart-wrenching to watch and listen to as Byleth kills Edelgard mid-sentence. This scene is incredibly dark and will hit the hardest for fans of the character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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